Saturday, 22 December 2007

Windows 98

Microsoft have announced that all support will be withdrawn from its aging operating system Windows 98. As from 11 July 2007, no further updates, patches etcetera will be provided, leaving users vulnerable to hacking attempts etcetera. Everybody that is still on Windows 98 and its siblings Windows 98SE and ME is advised to upgrade to Windows XP.

Oh dear, I'm sorry, I really couldn't resist these.


specialadyfink said...

I bought the computer my mom had and it has windows 98- for the grandkids to learn and play on and did have it on the internet when we had dial-up but now that we're broadband I won't get a router and put them on with it.I had heard they weren't going to provide support for the 98(which is bull pucky).They force people to purchase their high priced newest out crap.My son has vista and never had a computer before and wants me to teach him stuff and I am lost on it--makes ya feel dumb- - -

kirkbyj05 said...

Very Topical  for me Guido....Lol!
If I didn't laugh I would cry....hahahahaha!
Where on earth do you find 'em?