Sunday, 2 December 2007

Genealogy gone wrong

The website is a great aid for researching your family tree. When you have entered an ancestor's details, it sometimes gives you hints that they may have a record on file of a similar person. 99% of the time it is no match, but a few useful ones have cropped up. One is absolutely hilarious - the person who set up the tree below has not read the screen. I am omitting the names for reasons of privacy, and to spare one poor soul's blushes.

Ancestor: Born in 1857, died in 1924

Father: Born in 1901

Mother: Born in 1691


I 1901-1977
II 1881-1976
III 1893-1972
IV - 1924
V ??
VI 1897-1976
VII ??
VIII 1856-
IX ??
X ??


lsfp1960 said...

I'd say mother is a few years older than father....Linda

wwfbison said...

My Gosh, what a mess!!  LOL